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Meet Andra

Founder & Principal Consultant

In 2016, my life turned upside down (or so I thought). I had worked so hard to land my dream job, doing trend forecasting after spending over 2 years in furniture buying, and in a matter of minutes, it was ripped from me. My former employer had decided to cut job positions, and my department was no exception. I was distraught, but I must say, every set back is a setup for a comeback.


I found my new home on the copywriting team at the same employer, and I will be forever grateful for that unexpected career change. I have always been a writer, and copywriting was perfect because it allowed me to combine my love for fashion and furniture with my gift of writing. Most importantly, it gave me a whole new skill to accompany my fashion marketing and business administration background.



A New Chapter


In 2018, I set out with a vision to help creatives reach their fullest potential by forming something rarely seen — a marketing and fashion trend consultancy led by a woman of color.

In 2019, life came full circle for me as I stepped into my purpose. I've helped people all my life, from tutoring other kids when I was a child to now helping adult business owners. By testing out a new coaching program with a few women of color business owners in various industries, I discovered I was on to something — something life-changing.


Committed to People


With this inspiration and determination to make a change, Lushe is so much more than a business. It's a place for opportunity — opportunity for the diverse people who work with us and opportunity for your brand to reach new heights and new audiences.


No matter where you are in your journey, we are committed to providing exceptional service to position you for luxurious growth.

Our Mission

To help people and brands reach their fullest potential by providing coaching and services in the areas of on-page SEO, AI, content, copywriting, social media, and business & creative strategy.  

Our Vision

To become the most effective Black woman-owned digital marketing consultancy, known for changing lives, spreading hope, and inspiring freedom.

Our Values

Honesty and integrity
Creative vision
Listening to understand

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